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GDPR: What are the differences between European countries on cookies consent?

Laurent THOMAS

With this post, we take the opportunity to share you the most recent guidelines from EU national authorities. We'll try to update this consent cheatsheet if things change.


2020 Cookie guidelines on DPA website + Cookie FAQs


2020 Guidelines on the "Processing of personal data of website visitors" | 2019 Executive Order ("EO") regarding cookies (still applies unless the above 2020 document states differently)

*guidelines apply to any consent-based processing of personal data, not only to cookies or trackers, strictly speaking.


2020 Cookie Guidelines | Cookie Recommendations


Summarizing article (English) | Information on the Finnish Traffic and Communication Authority's website


2020 Guidance from the supervisory authorities for providers of telemedia


2020 Guidelines


2014 Identification of simplified procedures for information and the acquisition of consent for use | Clarifications on the implementation of the legislation on cookies


2020 Data Protection Commission guidelines on the use of cookies | Survey on the use of cookies


2020: Guide on the use of cookies


2019 Guide to PECR: Cookies and similar technologies

European Data Protection Board - EDPB

2020 EDPB Guidelines 05/2020 on consent under Regulation 2016/679 (English)

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Don't go so fast... 

The load-bearing walls ...

A question is coming up more and more on the side of companies wishing to find a way out of the constraints imposed by the regulation on Cookies associated with the notion of consent borrowed from the RGPD: can we impose a choice on the Internet user when he visits a website? "Do you agree or not that we deposit a cookie on your machine? Answer or leave. »

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After France, Italy will publish its new rules for cookies!

In Italy, the public consultation launched by the regulator has been completed and we are waiting for the Garante to publish its new guidelines on cookies. If you are interested in this market, now is the time to prepare for the application of the new rules. Banner configuration, audience measurement cookies, granular consent, wall cookies...

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Consent Wall and Cookie Wall

20 years ago I put my first website online. I had nested without understanding everything <table>, <tr> <td>and integrated images taken from a CD-ROM that I had received as a gift with my computer magazine. I had finally figured out how to connect to the FTP space included in my 56k subscription and with the ancestral Fetch I had been able to upload my files. My site was online, accessible by the whole world, without authentication, without barrier, without banner.</td></tr></table>

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